About Us

A boutique realty firm with offices in Mykonos, Boni Elite Real Estate is a full-service luxury real estate agent, vacation rentals and lifestyle company committed to provide refined, personalised and impeccable services to buyers, sellers, renters and investors with integrity and an unending willingness to exceed expectations in every single project.

Boni Elite Real Estate is devoted in creating a vibe and a world of quality that evokes emotions and desires… Extending far beyond what the traditional real estate brokerage firms offer, Boni Elite Real Estate is committed to informing and connecting the global community with its properties while at the same time is offering a series of services that will ease the process in every project no matter how small or big it may be, for all buyers, sellers, developers and investors.

Inspired by an ardent firmness to elevate the field of play in the luxury real estate services, Boni Elite Real Estate, is powered by a team of passionate professionals that are dedicated to excellence with the ultimate objective to go beyond the ordinary and make the difference by delivering unique and top quality services to all clients.